Solet the carrier of my family name for the days of tomorrow.

I was raised in a family that cherishes roots and believes in the power of belonging. Solet for me is a family name, an empire, a legacy that is deeply immersed in the words of my Father: Back to the roots. I grew up loving this business, this second home my family spent years building; this lifestyle called Solet. My passion for my work constantly challenges me to anticipate the future and pushes me on a daily basis to plan ahead for tomorrow. I know for a fact, especially with the struggling economy in our country, that in order to preserve a 40-year old business, one must beat the odds and look for ways to survive. However, I would rather think in a more optimistic way and say: In order for Solet to stay true to its origins, it must keep on innovating and setting trends in the market for the next 40 years. It must always lead. And this is what I am trying to build and achieve. In fact this is what all the team at Solet is working on. We are building Solet for the next 40 years, a legacy that is ahead of its time, a brand that never deceives and a name that is revolutionary.