Can wallpapers be cleaned?

All types of wallpapers can be cleaned. The way of cleaning depends on the type of wallpaper.

What is the average price of Laminate flooring?

The average price of Laminate flooring ranges between 16 $/sqm and 22 $/sqm.

How to clean parquet floors?

The first step of cleaning parquet floors is vacuuming. The second step is cleaning it with a slightly wet cloth with a little bit of detergent.

How to reduce sound for wood flooring?

Sound reduction is an important factor to consider when you are buying your wood. Normally a layer of sound insulating material should be added to the flooring. All of our parquets come equipped with sound insulation material.

Why should I choose artificial grass instead of lawn?

Artificial grass has many benefits. It stays green and saves water, energy and money. Since it’s artificial there is no need to worry about insects and adding pesticides. In addition, it has the same feel of natural lawn and lasts 15 years on average.

Does artificial grass have warranty?

Warranty on artificial grass depends on the place, purpose of use and size of order.

Is artificial grass pet friendly?

Yes, the grass is pet friendly. Urine will not harm the synthetic grass and will evaporate, other animal mess can be picked up the same way you would remove it from natural turf.