Love at first sight!

It’s totally normal to fall in love at first sight with the carpet that best fits your living room or bedroom. Carpets bring life to the room and add a special effect to your home decor, they even reflect your personality and help you create a nice and cozy place for your cold windy nights.


But, you should think before falling in Love with a carpet! Avoid choosing a big carpet for a small room or going for strong and vibrant colors for the same space! You should also consider the shape; going for a round, rectangular or square carpet can be a hard decision!


Shapes and Materials? How to Choose?

Natural material for carpets such as wool or leather are certainly great but also expensive! You should consider that not all materials are convenient for every part of the house! Leather or wool carpets can be placed in the sitting room while cotton carpets are preferred for bathrooms and kitchens, because you can easily move this kind of carpets and they can also absorb water better than other materials.


As for synthetic fabric carpets such as polypropylene, acrylic or polyester, these can be placed wherever you want since they resist dust and are very easy to clean. You should definitely choose this type if you have any children or pets around. Yet along, if you wish to walk barefoot  safely in the winter, choose this kind of carpets because they are antistatic, preventing the buildup of static electricity or reducing its effects. To sum up, these carpets are the best for your everyday life and are the cheapest after all! 


There are many carpet shapes and dimensions, but you need to choose dimensions according to your space.


Try to respect this rule: “The surface of a carpet should not exceed the quarter of the room” or else the carpet would give your space an uncomfortable aspect.


Check out what dimensions you should choose for each room in the house:


  • · 50x80 cm for your bathroom and kitchen
  • · 150x57 cm for your kitchen
  • · 60x110 cm or 120x170 cm for your bedroom
  • · 60x220 cm or 120x170 cm for your lobby or halls
  • · 160x230 cm for your living room