Parquet flooring is a beautiful and durable flooring option for your home. The most important part of making sure that you install your parquet floors properly is preparing the subfloor. The subfloor is the surface that the wood will adhere to, so it must be level and smooth. Follow these steps to properly prepare any type of subfloor for parquet flooring.

STEP 1 Determine Your Floor Type

Parquet floors can be installed on a number of surfaces, as long as they are properly prepared. If you have a new construction, you can adhere the parquet directly to the plywood, as long as the plywood is at least 5/8 inches. You can install parquet on concrete as well, but additional steps will need to be taken to make sure the floor adheres. We will go over this in later steps. You can also install parquet over existing wood floors as long as they are properly prepped. Tile floors can also be used as a subfloor, but any carpet or vinyl needs to be removed before installing the parquet.

STEP 2 Preparing a Wood Subfloor

For this step, we will focus on prepping a wood subfloor. If you have a new construction plywood floor you are ready to go, no additional steps are needed. If you have an existing wood floor you will first need to fix any squeaks. You need to insert screws every 6 inches into the underlying floor joists. After this, walk over the entire floor, jumping up and down as you go, to locate any additional squeaks. If there are squeaks, add some extra screws. Now that you have completed the screwing, you need to apply floor leveler. Floor leveler is similar in consistency to concrete, and it will adhere to the wood floor and make a completely flat level surface for you to glue the parquet floor to. Begin by cleaning and washing the entire floor. Then, you will have to premix the floor leveler in buckets and then pour it along the floor. As long as you mixed the leveler properly, you will not need to direct its movement. It will automatically fill in all of the low lying areas and level itself. With the floor leveler installed and completely dry, you are ready to begin applying the adhesive and parquet flooring.

STEP 3 Preparing a Concrete Subfloor

You first need to make sure that your concrete floor is free of any dust, grease or oil. Then you need to do a moisture test. This is especially important if you have newly installed concrete, or if you are installing the floor below ground level. To test for moisture you will take 15 inch squares of plastic sheeting and seal them to the floor on all sides with duct tape. Apply several of these squares around the room. Leave these squares in place for 24 to 48 hours to see if any condensation collects under the sheet. If not, you are ready to proceed. If there is condensation, then there is too much moisture on your concrete floor to install parquet floors. To get around this, you can install plywood over the concrete to give yourself a dry surface to adhere the wood to. After you have checked for moisture, you need to make sure that your floor is completely level. If it is, and your concrete has been coated or painted, you can install the parquet directly to the concrete. If you do have some issues with the concrete floor being level, you can apply floor leveler, which is outlined in step 2. You need to apply a latex bonding agent to the concrete using a brush near the edges and then fill in with a mop or paint roller so that the floor leveler adheres to the concrete. As soon as the floor leveler dries, you are ready to install the parquet flooring.